7-FIGURE GYM FORMULA™ Virtual Bootcamp

Over 90 minutes, Adrian and his team will outline the four frameworks for ultimate gym growth.

Wednesday 22nd May 2024 (GMT)

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Learn the exact strategies our Gym Clients use to generate leads on tap, and easily convert those leads into members.

A LIVE virtual event – with a limited availability for in-person attendance. A half-day intensive bootcamp for anyone who is looking to build a highly profitable gym business, and give themselves the financial freedom they deserve.

This event is based on our 7-FIGURE GYM FORMULA™ programme and is a starting point for anyone looking to grow their gym business. If you are not making the money you feel you deserve, struggling to generate sales, or you are confused and frustrated on how to grow your gym business profitably then this event is perfect for you.

Over the last 7 years we have taken over 750 gym owners through our marketing implementation and sales coaching programmes and they have all started with a strategic session or event similar to this.

Those same 750 owners have gone on to generate over £1.2 Billion in membership sales.

The Three Step Process For Gym Success

Positioning, Pricing & Profit

 Using our battle-proven Strategic Success Framework™, we will show you how to; sharpen your position, understand the buying habits of your ideal member, create an irresistable offer, install your own unique mechanism and price your memberships for a highly profitable gym business.

Mastering Marketing Strategies

Discover how to easily, create a marketing strategy that drives more and more new members whilst building an endless pipeline of leads. Learn how we implement seamless marketing campaigns that drive leads on tap, without the need for endless social media posts, outreach, networking or cold sales calls.

Sales Conversion Formula

Learn the exact steps we take our Clients through to create sales funnels, closing strategies and ‘irresistible’ offers using our proven framework for sales conversions. Get people coming to you as the go to gym in your area, happy to pay more than you are currently charging and in some cases 5X as much.


Virtual VIP Attendance

Wednesday 22nd May 2024.


Log on from the comfort of your office or home for a LIVE virtual workshop – focused on boosting marketing returns, increasing sales, boosting the lifetime value of each member, or client, and ultimately building you a profitable gym business. 


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In Person VIP Attendance

Wednesday 22nd May 2024.


Come and join us in person (includes a personal small group dinner with Adrian after the main session where he will discuss personally with you how to grow your gym business using the frameworks taught during the afternoon session.


In Person VIP Attendance

Wednesday 22nd May 2024.


Come and join us in person (includes a personal small group dinner with Adrian after the main session where he will discuss personally with you how to grow your gym business using the frameworks taught during the afternoon session.



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Meet Adrian

Adrian Marks

Adrian Marks has spent the last 25 years working with gym owners to position, market and profitably attract members. Over that time he has helped generate 2M leads, 1.5M membership sales, and over £1.2 Billion in revenue for them.

Through testing, experimenting, successes and failures he has refined the ultimate strategies for growing and building a gym business – culminating in a £20M consulting agency of his own.

Adrian has trained over 3,000 gym owners on his 7-FIGURE GYM FORMULA™ and is a highly sought after speaker and consultant.

During this Bootcamp, Adrian & his team will take you through the model that, when implemented effectively, will allow you to skyrocket your marketing returns, boost your sales and ultimately grow your gym business – normally in less than 90-days.

Over almost 2 hours (or a full day intensive if you are attending in person) you’ll learn how to take your gym business to the next level.

You are not in the gym business.

You are in the selling gym memberships business



Positioning for success

Creating your unique offering

Premium pricing strategies

Building the perfect ad

Implementing the perfect sales funnel

Generating the perfect customer


Virtual event agenda. Plus;

Group dinner & networking

Small group post event workshop with Adrian

1-2-1 Personal Strategy session

What you will get from attending the 7-FIGURE GYM FORMULA™ Bootcamp

For over 25 years, Adrian Marks has helped drive business growth for gym owners through an endless obsession for positioning, marketing, sales, and commerciality. He has worked with billion-pound businesses, start-ups, solo entrepreneurs, and everybody in between.

He has personally helped his Clients generate over 1.5 million members and over £1,200,000,000 (that’s £1.2 billion!) in sales. His own consulting and agency business has revenues of over £20M and counting.

All his best advice, knowledge and education is packaged in this bootcamp where you can find the answers to:

  • How can I become the go to gym in my area?
  • How do I easily increase my prices?
  • How can I get a pipeline with an endless supply of qualified prospects?
  • How can I maintain consistent, month over month sales and income growth?
  • How do I create a 24/7 sales and marketing machine?
  • How can I get more money from my existing Members?
  • How do I build a series of ever-increasing priced products and services?
  • What can I do to skyrocket my appointments and enquiries?
  • How do I create a plan for growing my business at 10X Levels?
  • How do I create social media and marketing ads that generate a 10X ROI?

4-key reasons why you must attend the 7-FIGURE GYM FORMULA™ Bootcamp.

You’re not hitting the member sales you need

No clear strategy that everyone knows and has bought into? Adrian will give you the knowledge and walk you through how to set the right sales plan and tackle your challenges head-on. Use Adrian’s proven success methods to avoid missteps and grow sales to the levels you need.

You can’t stand out within a crowded market place online

Stay ahead of the competition using Adrian’s knowledge, experience, and insights. Learn how to develop and create a cutting-edge proprietary programme that will act as the foundation for all your gym’s services, programmes, pricing and profit.

You need to generate a better return from your marketing

Learn the exact strategies that will 10X your ROI. Hear Adrian’s unique insights on creating the Perfect Ad. See how ow to easily create a framework around Message, Media and Market that will really move the needle for your gym business.

You’re not getting the profits you want

Sales without profits do you no good. Adrian helps you pinpoint the exact strategies that will work to increase your bottom line by building a highly profitable business built around a focus on premium pricing and remarkable results.