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Battle-tested strategies and campaigns that will drive leads, sales and profit for your business.
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We don’t create ads.
We create sales.

The Google Ads Campaigns we implement for Clients are based on outcomes not outputs – every little thing we do is focused on CPL, CPA, GLV and ROAS (marketing speak for more customers, more sales, and more profit).

No fluffy, secondary metrics like impressions, CPC and CTR to be found here.

With over £25 Million in managed paid media spend we know what works – what strategies, keywords, copy and CTA’s will drive the biggest return for your spend.  

We sell results, not hours worked.

But what is almost as good as knowing what works… is knowing what doesn’t!

We see people wasting money trying to scale ad accounts, taking automated suggestions, cramming keywords into ad groups, and pushing up CPL and CPA in the hope that some if sticks, the results will come. But it invariably never comes.

This is where our secret (now about to be not so secret) ads strategy comes into play…

Show your customers exactly what they are looking for.

This alone sends Google into hyper-delivery mode.

The idea that single keyword ads drive the best engagement and best results isn’t new – Google has been harping on about it forever! – so why don’t most agencies and PPC specialists take this approach.

Simple answer is that it’s excessively time consuming and unless you’re very (VERY) good at copywriting, building out landing pages and understand CTA then it’s hard to get it to work for the time invested.

But when it does – it blows nearly every other Google Ads strategy out of the water.

So what does all that actually mean for your business:

We start with an individual keyword focused approach to improve your positioning and traffic engagement. We then create brand response marketing ads, high converting landing pages and offers aligned with the way your customers want to buy from you.

And because this is all laser-targeted then your ads simply convert better.

But we don’t then just rest on our laurels! We adjust, amend, and update your ad campaigns on a daily, or weekly basis, to deliver the greatest required returns whether that is leads, calls, appointments, subscriptions, or sales.

Remarkable Results™.

enjoy! is a ‘results-first’ Agency.

When analysing your marketing’s effectiveness all we focus on are the hard facts and the core metrics that drive results:

The number of new leads and sales generated;

the cost per acquisition;

the lifetime value of the transactions undertaken;

and the immediate cash returns vs ad spend.

If you’re comfortable accepting traditional marketing methods, as a standalone medium, are no longer effective in their own right – and see the benefit of aligning hyper targeted marketing with how your customers want to buy from you – we can really make a difference to the returns on your marketing activity, and we’d love to chat.

We are grateful to work with some amazing Clients...

UFC Gyms
Cash Coverters
Haulfryn Holiday Homes
Handpicked Hotels
JD Gyms
Storage King
HSS Hire
Basic Fit
The QHotels Collection
Anytime Fitness

Why the science bit matters.

People are now searching for products and services much earlier in the buying process than they used to, and data shows they are no longer responding to traditional marketing methods in the same way as they used to.

They are multi-screening, multi-channelling and multi-purchasing (and in some instances they don’t even want to purchase your products or services anymore – they just want to use stuff). 

They expect it delivered yesterday, to be at their fingertips 24/7 and in a lot of cases they even expect it for ‘free’.

But overall, they expect to be able to buy from you, the way they want to buy from you.

The marketing. and ad campaigns we run for you will have behavioural economics at their heart – the science of how and why they buy (what makes them tick, and click).  

Behavioural Selling Model™.

Our background in behavioural economics gives you an advantage when engaging, nurturing, and selling to your customers.

Behaviourally they are responding with ever increasing levels of emotion, are more impulsive than ever and are becoming increasingly irrational in their buying habits.

At the same time their logic and reasoning behind their purchases is ever more substantiated by available information.

To maximise your marketing returns from these shifts, we have created the Behavioural Selling Model™ – a behavioural economic based set of strategies and tools

When combined with ‘brand response’ marketing and our proprietary sales funnel software, will provide increased levels of enquiries and sales for your business.

“When my marketing director initially said that not all of the media spend would go on the media itself but would be spread across other background channels to maximise ‘results’ I was sceptical. No longer, those ‘results’ have created over £3.2m in sales this year.”

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