The desire to ‘own’ things belongs to previous generations as we stream, lease, hire, rent and subscribe our way through life...
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Remember the days when we just bought your stuff?

Needed the latest Coldplay album; bought.

Wanted to watch the Friends box set series six; bought.

Fancied a copy of the Sunday Times; bought.


Netflix, Spotify and Amazon changed all that as they tapped into the millennial desire to experience things but without any need to own it.

Now, whether we realise it or not, we are all at it!

From films, to music, to dental care through to phones and our daily newspapers.

The benefits to both consumer and the business are attractive. 

The business gets a consistent recurring income, month after month without the sporadic one-off payment ups and downs often associated with business. 

It also provides the chance to treat customers/clients more personally; ‘membership’ transforms a purely transactional encounter into a lasting relationship based around a sense of belonging. 

Plus, people tend to change ‘suppliers’ less due to the convenience of the model.

For the customer, they simply no longer have the hassle of dealing with the ownership of things!

They get what they want when they want it – all for a single monthly fee.



The potential for guaranteed, controllable income could revolutionise your business.

sWe’ve been implementing Repeat Payment Platforms™ – our unsexy phrase for subscription, membership, and recurring revenue models – into our clients’ businesses for over 20 years.

In that time we have had a hand in generating almost 2M ‘membership’ subscriptions and over £1B in revenue… and counting… month on month.

Subscription models have by default driven a number of core industries for years (gym workout out anyone?!) but over the last 5-10 years we have seen the concept revolutionise dozens of industries…

From Porsches to protein packs, Pret food to pet food, shaving to streaming.

The concept is driving digital sales at The Times/Sunday Times resurrecting it’s business growth potential.

Amazon has been able to literally own the virtual high street with its Amazon Prime subscription model (currently 100 million ‘members’ and counting!).

And Netflix, Spotify and Apple dominate their industries through subs.

But it’s not just Big Boys or New Toys that can benefit. We’ve yet to find a business that can’t utilise the concept;

We’ve had a bunch of success with an online flowers business.

We’ve really added on the pounds for a well know weight loss business.

And we’ve injected some much needed revenue stability into a chain of medical aesthetic clinics. 

Enjoy are without doubt the fitness industry leaders in terms of expertise and delivering fantastic results from marketing. They have been integral in our success!! I highly recommend them!”
Peter Guy, Director, GymWorks

Over 1.5 million members for our clients

JD Gyms
UFC Gyms
Anytime Fitness
Basic Fit
Vital Health & Wellbeing
Livingwell Health Clubs
The QHotels Group
BMF Fitness
BMF Fitness
energie Fitness
Nutfield Priory
Coach Gyms
Total Fitness
...and over £1 Billion in sales across 12 countries

We help keeps people in your business longer.

People in the main procrastinate, are generally not big fans of change and prefer easy options when it comes to decision making.

All these psychological traits aid the marketing and retention process, within a subscription / membership model, and work hand in hand to provide a sustainable, proven and, most importantly, reliable income stream for your business.

And not only do they stay longer – then spend more.

The average annual spend per Prime member is over $1,400…

…more than double the $600 dollars for non-Prime members.

We can help implement an evolution / revolution within your business.

Whether you’re an existing membership based business looking for more leads, better conversions and higher Lifetime Value…

Or want an expert guide to help set up your subscription model – we can help.

Our expertise can be seen, not just in our accolades, but in the success of our clients.

We have generated over 1.5 million members / subscribers for our clients over the last decade.

We work across the globe to deliver results.

We have Clients in the UK, US, Europe, and the Middle East.

We help you market more effectively, get more sales, increase the lifetime value of each members – and ultimately increase your profits. Working together we will;

  • Increase the ROI on your marketing and ads.
  • Implement a results driven membership funnel into your business.
  • Increase your sales conversions.
  • Improve the LifetIme Value of your members / subscribers.
  • Drive your monthly cashflow upwards.
  • in short… Build a highly profitable Recurring Revenue Platform™ within your business.

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