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We have one true purpose. To help you create a highly profitable gym business that gives you the lifestyle you want and deserve.
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About Us

We work with entrepreneurial gym owners, and managers, who are looking to build highly profitable businesses whilst retaining the lifestyle they started the business for in the first place.

GYM ACCELERATOR was created by Adrian Marks –  founder of enjoy!, the UK’s leading customer acquisition agency for some of the world’s biggest fitness, healthcare and hospitality brands. 

We provide tailored marketing campaigns, unique sales coaching and business growth consultancy for gyms…

…So you can effectively position yourself as the authority within your area, generate more enquiries, convert more sales, and build a highly profitable gym… and get the lifestyle your hard work and knowledge deserves.

Over the past 20 years, Adrian has consulted with gym owners around the world to help scale their business. Focusing on his proprietary 7-FIGURE GYM FORMULA™, he has trained thousands od gyms and been personally responsible for helping over 750 gyms generate over 3M enquiries, 1.5M new customers and just shy of £1.2 Billion in sales.

Prior to this, he built and sold two multi-mullion-pound gym businesses of his own.

He has been there, and done it as a gym owner. He understands through trial and error, success and failure what makes a profit focused, results driven 7-figure gym. 

A message from Adrian.

I am not one of these ‘Internet Gym Gurus’ who peddles a bucket full of untested ideas or theories with no practical experience of achieving results.

I am not someone who has been on a gym marketing course and then just repackaged that course as my own.

I am not an unsuccessful gym owner who has simply ‘pivoted into consulting’…

What I am is someone who has been building gym businesses for my Clients, for almost two decades – and prior to that I built out and sold not one, but two, small gym chains of my own – for a total of £34M.

It’s taken me 20 years of hard work, testing, failing, adjusting, and adapting to refine the strategies that I use to personally guarantee results beyond anything else out there. These are the strategies I have used to drive hundreds of millions of pounds of sales for my multi-site Clients (via my Agency enjoy!), across the world, such as David Lloyd, JD Gyms, UFC Gyms, Orangetheory, Nuffield Health, Fitness First, Anytime Fitness and BasicFit.

But I didn’t want my passion for REMARKABLE RESULTS™ to end with my multi-million-pound turnover Agency Clients

I wanted to help the gym owners who work in the trenches day in, day out.

I wanted them to get access to the frameworks and strategies that my agency clients pay over £100,000 a year for.

And more importantly I wanted them to be able to avoid the costly mistakes I made when I was building out my own gym businesses.

So I created the 7-Figure Gym Formula™.

A set of four frameworks that will generate you more sales, more profit and more freedom to enjoy your gym business than anything else out there.

By implementing these frameworks you will immediately benefit from unprecedented returns for your gym business.

Ultimately, I think it all boils down to the fact that I wish I had had someone like me back when I was starting out, to be on hand when I became stuck, someone I could turn to when I got lost, or frustrated, or when the sales stopped flooding in.

Everything I have learnt over the last 20-years working with thousands of gyms, 750 of them personally, generating just over £1 Billion in membership sales in the process, I have condensed down into four, proven, profit creating frameworks that will help any gym owner build, grow and scale their business to the heights they deserve.

Known as the 7-FIGURE GYM FORMULA™, these frameworks will allow you to create the highly profitable gym business you’ve always wanted.

But as I built my businesses, I also realised that ‘processes’ were only part of the concept of ‘guaranteed success’.

So when I launched [GYM] ACCELERATOR, a decade or so ago, I built it around what I see as the four pillars that give you the greatest potential to create the business you want, desire and deserve.


There are 4 Frameworks that will ensure you can grow your gym at the first attempt. Success is often about knowing what not do as much as it is knowing what to do. Having worked personally with over 750 gyms I’ve tried, or seen it, all. The best and most effective of that is within the programme – and available to you within the endless years of trial and error.  


Being around like-minded entrepreneurs is like having rocket fuel for your business. Having someone to run an idea by, someone to confide in or to share goals, dreams and successes with is as essential to your growth as the strategies and processes you implement.


Sometimes, even with all the best will in the world, you just need someone to turn to for advice and guidance. I have built a team of consultants, coaches, and strategists – who have a combined 150 years of gym growth experience – to ensure you can get access to the best advice across sales, business growth & mindset, that there is.


A goal, dream or idea is just that. It delivers nothing until you take action. Knowing what to do is one thing – actually getting off your butt and doing something is completely different. I have a team of over 30 dedicated designers, social media specialists, paid media gurus, sales coaches and marketing experts on hand to help you build out your marketing and sales strategies.

As well as our paid for support there’s also plenty of FREE resources you can get access to, best place to start is our 7-FIGURE GYM SECRETS training here.

I’d love to welcome you to the [GYM] ACCELERATOR family.


Yours in success.

Adrain Marks