4 reasons your website is underperforming

Actually there is only one reason
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by | Oct 17, 2018 | Blog

Every single page on your website is an advert and until you realise this it will underperform to its true potential.

By understanding that every page should have a selling point, a purpose, a goal or a desired action – you will start to see them for what they are; a collection of individual web pages with a sole purpose of selling the next step in your customer’s journey.

In short every single page on your website should;

Capture information/data so you can further build the relationship
Educate them sufficiently on you, your product and service that they are more likely to buy than before they visited the page
Sell a product or service

If someone visits any of your web pages and leaves or quits without fulfilling one of the above three goals, the page has failed.

When your page works, people will complete one of the above goals. When it fails, they’ll stop there and leave without getting what they want or giving what the page requested them to do.

So take a look at your website, ask these three questions for every page; “What is the goal of this page?” “What is this page an advertisement for?” “What is the next step I want my visitor to make?”

Then simply rebuild your page around this and remove anything else.

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