Is the future of Marketing already here?

Three big marketing ‘plays’ that I believe will help shape the consumer landscape over the next few years
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by | Jul 5, 2018 | Blog

This is my shortened answer to a recent Q&A response under the spotlights. The obvious answer would probably have been AI, AR and VR, but I wanted to look at it purely from a ‘sales first’ perspective. I also wanted it to have the ability to be measured in terms of ROI.

Welcome to the membership economy

We no longer buy things if we can simply subscribe to them! If you listen to Spotify, have SKY TV, utilise Amazon Prime, work out at a gym or lounge on your sofa watching movies on Netflix then you have joined the Membership Economy.

As the marketplace gets cluttered and overcrowded then simply ‘working’ your databases, or even offering a loyalty programme, is no longer enough. You need to create a membership platform, literally a tribal movement where people pay – in time, attention or money – on a monthly basis.

Harness the freemium generation

If you aren’t implementing ‘free’ into your business vocabulary then you are potentially already on the back foot. Consumers now expect this as a starting point for doing business with you; whether it’s an initial entry level to your customer funnel, a free initial period or a product /service giveaway. Joining the Freemium movement means you can engage with new customers with less friction, at less cost and much earlier in the buying process.

Forget ‘mobile’ first… say hello to ‘voice’ first!

Although still in its infancy the potential for voice activated marketing is creeping steadily into our hands and our homes. With voice driven technology like Apple’s Siri and the Amazon Echo it will only be a matter of time before website sponsored ads are supported by voice ‘recommendations’;

“Alexa, add Sensodyne Total White toothpaste to my shopping list”

“I can’t find Sensodyne, but Arm & Hammer Total White Pro toothpaste is on offer and is 50p less – should I order that instead?”

Harness the power of Behavioural Selling Strategies™

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