How to supercharge your launch

How to supercharge any product, service, store or business launch
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by | Nov 27, 2017 | Blog

Understanding that it is not about you, your products or services, is the first step.

Realising that people buy irrationally and are driven by emotions, feeling and behaviour is the second.

When launching any product, service or store we always build in at least two of our Behavioural Selling Strategies™ as standard.

The first, ‘Pre-registration Status’ allows us to harness the natural human behaviour known as Completion Bias. In short when we can get people to take the first step in any process they are instinctively driven to complete it. This strategy alone can help increase your launch sales by an average of 15%.

In addition pre-registration allows you to nurture and engage potential customers, whilst all the while building on three key pillars of the buying decision; Trust, Desire and Likeability.

Another upside of the Pre-registration programme is the ability to generate referrals prior to the launch itself. Done effectively you will see up to an additional 30% added to your ‘launch list’ prior to sales beginning.

Frantic Selling is the most effective ‘sales improver’ we use…

The second is Frantic Selling. This is the most effective ‘sales improver’ we use. By reducing the sales time and the availability of a product or service down to its bare minimum, your sales escalate disproportionately. This is down to two key behavioural drivers; Fear of loss and social proofing.

Fear of loss at its highest drives a profound sense of panic within the human mind and the body’s physiology and will literally create a ‘temporary lobotomy’ within the logical part of the brain to avoid this feeling wherever possible.

Panic buyers strip supermarket shelves bare of items after weather warnings predict a potential deluge of snow.

Fear of loss is why people panic-buy and leave the supermarket shelves stripped bare of essential items after weather warnings predict a potential deluge of snow even if they have plenty of food to last them. It’s why they will queue for hours at garage forecourts when there’s a potential petrol shortage whether they actually need petrol or not! (also notice the word ‘potential’).

Social proofing is just that. It’s the proof of a products validity by seeing our peers, neighbours and friends buying and using it. The Frantic Sales strategy escalates this, as there are a condensed number of people ‘doing’ it in a very short period of time, which actually creates an illusion to the amount of social proofing that is actually going on.

Add these two simple Behavioural Selling Strategies to any launch you are planning and supercharge your results…

Case Study: Budget gym pre-sale launch

Approached by one of Europe’s fastest growing fitness chains we were tasked to utilise our product launch strategies to maximise their initial pre-sale results. By implementing our pre-registration concept and frantic selling strategy we managed to generate more membership sales in 48 hours than they would normally achieve in 4 weeks.

Not only did this create a huge boost to the pre-sale launch it also provided the foundation for the rest of the pre-sale which outperformed every previous launch.

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