Understanding The Effect of Affection

The one and only thing that really matters in marketing and sales - and it's not your product or service.
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by | Oct 2, 2023 | Blog

Regularly, when we work with new Clients we have to get past the awkward ‘no one really cares about your products and services’ conversation. When you are so entrenched in the business day to day it’s easy to get caught up in the services you provide, the products you build and the processes you go through to deliver them.

All that really matters to the customer though, is how much value that product or service will bring to her or him, how it will make them feel, how much easier it will make their day, year or life, and how others will view them for using it.

Creating value simply means making them realise that owning your product, or using your service, will benefit them more than not having it.

That means creating trust, confidence and desire where there currently sits scepticism, disinterest and disengagement. If you can create value through your marketing and sales activity, you are helping to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Whether that is as simple as hungry to full, cold to warm or something more complex like unhealthy to healthy, poor to wealthy, or fearful to secure.

Ultimately, a sale is made when the prospect, or customer, decides that what you are marketing has more value than the money needed to pay for it. Not the same value! More value…

In some cases this can be achieved by simply offering a discount, making it more cost effective, or easier to purchase, by reducing barriers to entry.

In other cases, value creation becomes more intrinsic; it’s about tapping into emotions relating to desire, it’s about smothering them with service and attention, or delivering so much more than they expected before they’ve even handed over a penny.

Whichever way sits best for your business when it comes to acquiring new customers, or getting existing customers to buy again, the key question to ask is this:

Am I creating so much value that it’s becoming harder for my customer to say ‘No’ than it is to say ‘Yes’ to buying my product or service?

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