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by | Aug 17, 2018 | Blog

I recently spoke at a keynote about ‘voice first’ as one of the best ‘new things’ in the marketing landscape. But that’s the near future, as of now when it comes to content – video is king.

I’m often asked where I get the confidence to stand in front of a camera and do my marketing videos.

Truth is, I hate doing them, I cringe at my unprofessionalism and like any normal human being I worry about what my friends, colleagues, peers and Clients will think of them, and me. But…

  • Adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front page Google result by up to 53x.
  • Adding video to your email marketing can easily double click-through rates.
  • Video conversion rates consistently outperform other marketing content.
  • Audiences are 10x more likely to engage with video than text-only content.
  • Auto play on social sites now ensures you generate more views, likes and shares.

These numbers make a pretty compelling read but when you look at the behavioural benefits then it gets really interesting.

People buy emotionally and instinctively. Liking, trust, confidence and authority are key drivers in this. Video is the perfect vehicle to deliver all four. Whether b2b or b2c, high ticket or low ticket the same principles apply.


A leading UK car dealership group has implemented ‘personal enquiry videos’ with some amazing results.

  • 4X increase in online enquiries
  • 2X increase appointments/dealer visits
  • Increased the average website session by 175%

As a society, we live in a very, very technological, and sometimes very insular, age. But we crave personal interaction and contact more than ever. When we consume video content we find it more personal, we start to empathise with the narrator/presenter, we connect more with the subject matter and bizarrely we get a real sense of connect from the perceived ‘eye contact’.


Adding a presenter, narration and customer video testimonials to a Client’s existing video footage on their holiday website has provided some dramatic results.

  • Average time on site increased by 126%
  • Enquiries increased 15%

It’s also not a coincidence that year on year holiday bookings are up 7%.

In short, video content is critical to helping people connect with, remember, and care about your products services. Video taps into your prospect’s psyche in a way that static images or plain text cannot compete with.

  • Videos are stories and are 22x more memorable than facts alone.
  • Positive emotions created by video positively impact the buying decision.
  • The human brain processes moving images 60,000x faster than text.

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